A two week intensive project with Google Creative Lab Sydney. Brief: Every year we see new technologies that may become standards of digital communication and interaction in our lives over the next 20 years. We'd like you to choose from digital assistants /artificial intelligence/virtual reality / or blockchain. Research and investigate the technology and create a hypothetical case study for a product or service that would be transformed if you designed it today, from the ground up, with your chosen tech at the core. The objective is to show how your new tech could transform that industry. -------- MAKE - Your digital assistant for making things. In the 200,000 years that modern homosapiens have existed, we have mastered language, solved the most complex of mathematical equations and developed the ability to communicate the vast array of human experiences through emojis. It is no wonder then that a combination of these three fundamental achievements has resulted in perhaps the greatest feat of human kind – the paper manual. But we are only mere mortals. We mess up. We misinterpret things. We get frustrated. We make mistakes.

Make is your personal digital assistant to ease these frustrations. 
To guide you, to reassure you, to Make your life easier. Introducing Make, in partnership with IKEA.
This concept was conceived in response to a brief set by Google, Sydney and was presented to Google Creative Labs on the 16th day of December in 2016.​​​​​​​
Joy Li, Lucinda Huijer and Annabel Cook

Music: Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma (Instrumental)
Thanks to Lina Lindberg (the voice of Make)
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